Training your dog in 10 simple yet efficient ways!

From basic obedience commands to advanced tricks, dog training is a rewarding and engaging experience for you and your dog. Just as every new human member of a household must be trained to behave properly, so must dogs. Everyone in the household is better off if the dog conforms to the behaviour expected of it.

training your dog

Here are 10 steps to train your best buddy!

  1. Getting started 

At first, to train your dog can seem pretty overwhelming, especially if this is your first dog. The truth is that to train your dog is a very big project. However, if you take it step by step, you will find the task to be much less scary.

Start with a dog obedience program by setting some basic foundations for the training, then come to positive reinforcement and treat them well if they behave well, at the same time training is effective is done with the help your dogs favourite games!

2. Tools required

With the first step done, it is time to start the training, but you might find that certain tools can help you along the way. Learn about the most important dog training supplies before you start buying. Fortunately, there are not a whole lot of supplies necessary for good training. Certain dog training books can be a great help.

3.  House and crate training 

You’ll need to teach your dog where to eliminate in order for your house to be clean.  Therefore, house training (potty training) is one of the first things you need to work on with your dog.

4.  Getting to the leash 

Every dog needs to learn to walk on a leash. Besides the fact that most areas have leash laws, there will be times when keeping your dog on a leash is for his own safety. Learn how to introduce your dog or puppy to the leash, then teach him how to walk properly on the leash.

5. Socialising is the key 

Socialization means getting your puppy or adult dog to accept new people, animals, and various places by exposing him to these things. Socialized dogs are less likely to develop behaviour problems and are generally more welcomed by others. Socialization can also help prevent the development of fears.

6.  Clicker training for dogs 

Common form of positive reinforcement, is a simple and effective dog training method.  With clicker training, you can easily and effectively teach your dog all kinds of basic and advanced commands and tricks. It’s fast and easy to learn how to clicker train your dog.

7.  Basic command and fun tricks 

There are some basic dog tricks that every dog should know. Basic commands give your dog structure. In addition, they can help you overcome common dog behaviour problems and will help keep your dog safe.

8.  Proofing behaviours 

Proofing is the last step in training your dog to do any new behaviour. Learn how to proof behaviours so your dog will be as obedient at the park or a friend’s house is he is in your own living room.

9.  Specific dogs 

No two dogs are exactly the same. Many dogs learn differently based on breed, size, age, and history. So, before you start to train, it is important to do thorough research as to what is the best way for your dog.

10. Going an extra mile  

Once your dog has mastered all the basics, you can consider moving on to a more advanced level. These activities will help keep your dog active, fit and mentally stimulated. Plus, they will help strengthen the bond you share with your canine companion.


Talking to your pet is a healthy habit and intelligent too!

A lot of pet owners who take their pets to walk are noticed talking to their dog- or cat in high-pitched pet voice and  the non pet owners often wonder what are these pet owners really up to and why are they talking. But it turns out that this behaviour is far from silly – in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

talking to your pet

 Metro reveals that the science behind talking to animals is actually a sign of intelligence and it is an act of expressing emotions which leaves a positive impact on human psychology.

Recognising the mind of another human being involves the same psychological processes as recognising a mind in other animals. It is a reflection of our brain’s greatest ability rather than a sign of our stupidity. Talking to them and trying to understand them reflects on the intelligence of the human.

Human have developed the sound of emotion much before they developed the sound of understand the meaning behind words, it is like music, they understand the tune before they understand the lyrics.

Most of our actions are justified by our tone in the voice and the body language rather than the meaning behind what the sentence is, hence, pets do not need to know the exact meaning behind words, in order to understand their owners.

Pets respond to the way humans are talking to them in a much surprising way that humans would ever know, they understand and feel the emotions.

A dog would justify his actions by barking or howling which is equivalent to a human sobbing and trying to express themselves. A dog or cat would come and lick their humans when they see them in despair.

If you are someone who loves talking to your pets on your daily walks or expressing your deepest emotions to them on a tough day, then feel free to carry on, it just shows how smart you are!

Groom all the way, your pet deserves it more than you know!

It’s common for many pets to get a perfect groom before the holidays. Family may be coming over and you want your pet to look their best. It’s important to remember though that good groom is important all year long for your pet.


groom your best pal

A long haired dog or cat, needs brushing everyday, but just brushing is often not enough. It’s hard to get the entire length of the fur, down to the skin, on many longhaired animals with just a brush. You will need to comb them as well to do a thorough job.

Cats usually benefit from weekly to every other day groom as well. If your cat is not a fan of being combed, it’s better to do a short amount daily, than to try and do a marathon session once a week.

If you have failed to keep your pet brushed out and they become matted, then it’s probably time for a trip to the groom centre. Don’t expect miracles though. Groom centres can often get out mats that you may be unable to, but if your pet is too matted, the best thing for them is to have them shaved down.

Another grooming item that is sometimes neglected are your pet’s nails. While very active dogs that are outside a lot may wear their nails down naturally, most of our dogs will need to have their nails periodically trimmed. It’s better to do this regularly than to let it go until your pet’s nails are very overgrown. If you make a habit of trimming your pet’s nails every other week, before they get too long, the quick, which is the part of the nail with the blood and nerve supplies, will stay shorter as well. Cats that have scratching posts available usually do not need nail care. If you have a cat that scratches your furniture though, you can trim the points off of their nails to help protect your things.

Good groom is important for the health of our pets. It can be a time to bond and interact with your pet and also helps you keep track of their general health, as skin and fur issues are often early signs of many illnesses. If you start good grooming practices with your dog or cat when they are young, you’ll make both of your lives happier and healthier in the long run.

Tech Gadgets for Pets that Make Everyone’s Life Easy!

As busy pet parents, sometimes you can use a helping hand to keep your pet happy and safe. Tech manufacturers know this and have come to your rescue with devices designed to make a few of your responsibilities a bit more automated.

Here are few tech gadgets you didn’t know about but tech today can change your lives!

tech for pets

A Speaker to Soothe Your Pet

Tech devices specially designed  to reduce pet anxiety like iCalmDog and iCalmCat. The device performs songs re-arranged and simplified for pets through a battery-operated portable speaker about the size of a tennis ball. You can use it whenever your pet needs a peaceful sleep or during the noisy festive season.

An Automatic Feeder

When you get detained and know your four-legged friend needs to eat, rest assured his meal is on the way with the electric Pyrus Automatic Feeder. Just place your pet’s dry food in a hopper  and program it to automatically dispense a measured amount of food at a set time. With the tech today, it is assured that your pet will never starve.

A Puzzle for Canines

Some dogs become bored while you’re away at work, and bored dogs get into trouble, chewing on shoes, shredding paper, etc. The CleverPet Hub is a puzzle feeder that offers them challenges that get increasingly more difficult as the dog figures out the basics. When your four-legged friend touches the right combination of lighted buttons, he’s rewarded with dry kibble.

A Warm Place to Sleep

Using the same tech as Mylar space blankets, this self-warming pet bed reflects a dog or cat’s own body heat to keep their bed warm and cozy, specially in winters, as they also want a comfortable bedding.

Protective Outwear for Dogs

For dogs on the go, this adjustable, reflective jacket guards against wind, rain, snow and inclement weather. The inner lining is warm, thin, and tear resistant and each leg has adjustable straps.

An Automatic Cat Laser Toy

A cat would jump around anything and everything they set, hence today tech has come up with this automatic rotating laser toy. It has multiple speed settings, an adjustable timer and 16 different play patterns. Keep your cat entertained even if you are in the other room.

A Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Who doesn’t dread scooping out the cat’s litter box? With this automatic, self-cleaning litter box, that dirty job has disappeared. Once the cat leaves the box, the waste is separated from the clean litter and then dumped into a bag-lined carbon filter drawer. When the drawer becomes full, you’re notified to empty it. This version comes with a night light and is more ergonomically designed than the classic model.

A Secure Doggy Door

When you work outside the home and your dog needs relief, a high tech safety door would be the answer. Instead of a swinging doggy door that can open up to anyone, this electronic door only opens when your dog (wearing a special collar) approaches the door. This door’s automatic deadbolt and airtight seal ramp up the level of security even more.

A GPS Tracking Collar

Winner of the 2017 Computer Electronics Show “Best of Innovation” award, the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar uses GPS location tracking tech so you always know where your best friend is.

Adopt and Make a Furry Buddy Fortunate!

Karen Davison said, “To Adopt one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” 
Here are a few reasons why adopting a pet should be your priority!


adopt a dog


Each year, 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are put to death humanely, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet.

When you adopt, you save a loving animal by making them part of your family and open up shelter space for another animal who might need you to make them happy!


Animal shelters and rescue groups are overflowing with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. Most shelter pets end up there because of a human problems like  parents moving elsewhere or family illness, not because the animals did anything wrong. Many are already house-trained and used to living with families.


Usually when you adopt a pet, the cost off first vaccinations is included in the adoption price, which can save you some of the up front costs of adding a new member to your family. Depending on the animal, you may also save on housebreaking and training expenses.


With everyone posting selfie, no one needs to see another selfie—unless it’s a selfie of you with the adorable pet you just adopted! Adopt a pet, post those pictures and let the well-earned likes roll in.


Many of the pets from shelters and rescues are already house trained, which means you’re not only saving a pet’s life, you may be saving your rug. When you adopt a mature pet not only gives older animals a second chance, it often means introducing them to your family will be much easier.


Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial to their companions. Caring for a pet can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment and lessen feelings of loneliness. And when you adopt, you can also feel proud about helping an animal in need!


Overburdened shelters take in millions of stray, abused, and lost animals every year, and by adopting an animal, you’re making room for others. Not only are you giving more animals a second chance, but the cost of you to adopt goes directly towards helping those shelters better care for the animals they take in!


And get a new best friend out of the deal. Seriously, what could be better than that?

Summer is here, why not give your best bud the time of their lives!?

Summer calls for a cup of ice cream, an air conditioned room, your favourite television show and a bunch of your friends around. But you know what is even better? Spending this time with your best bud, your dog, going all out with them enjoying the tail of summer weather. 
Here are some ideas to make the most of the sunshine, before the leaves change colour.
1. Go on a road trip.

If your dog loves the car, this could be the perfect way to bond! Research hotels and bed and breakfasts that allow dogs along your route, and then take to the open road with your best friend.

road trip

2. Find a dog-friendly beach.

Dogs love splashing in the water just as much as the rest of us, especially on a hot day.  If you take your dog to a beach but are afraid they could run too far, consider trying a long leash to let them play and have their freedom, but still stay safe.

beach holiday in summer 


3. Have a photo shoot.

Lazing around on a hot summer day? Have a photo shoot! Dogs and humans are both pretty low-energy in the summer, especially in the heat, so an activity where your pup can lie down is the best kind of activity. Also, useful photography secret: the shade has better lighting than direct sunlight.

summer photo shoot

4. Take a trip to the dog park

If you typically just take your pup to a regular park, go a little out of your way to get to a dog park while the weather is nice! Your dog will have a blast with his four-legged friends, and you can enjoy the time chatting with other dog owners.

summer day out

5. Stay in a dog-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast.

If you’re going on vacation with your family, consider bringing your pup along! It is so easy to find dog-friendly places to stay these days.

summer hotel fun

6. Set up a kiddie pool for your pup.

This is the perfect way to cool off your hot doggy in the late summer heat.

pool in summer

7. Dine in with your best bud

Summer is the best time to dine. Find a restaurant or cafe in your area that allows dogs to sit outside on the patio with you. Then sneak all the good dog-friendly human food to your pup under the table.

summer brunch

8. Start a walking group.

This is something that can continue all throughout the fall! Find a group of like-minded pup-lovers and start a walking group. Make sure that the pups meet each other first, and then plan on ending the walks at a dog park to allow them to play with one another.

summer walks are best

Cats can be the cutest pets around, who disagrees?

A common saying is that cats are selfish and sly and do not care too much about their owners, BUT that is not true at all, a cats love in unique, here are a few reasons that will make you feel the same!

Cats deserve more credit 



According to Andrea Arden, an Animal Planet Pet Expert and professional pet trainer, “Cats sometimes don’t get the credit they deserve. They are often seen as solitary, aloof creatures.” But this can be far from the truth. A cat can thrive in a family with children, and can even learn to play games that are traditionally associated with dogs, they can be the

Playful and Agile

cats playing playful


Cats love to play. They are quite acrobatic too — especially when you take out a toy fishing pole or a cat dancer toy. They will leap, run, and pounce on the toy, which is great fun to watch, it will make you laugh and want to cuddle with them, even more!

Pleasing Purrs



Ever listen to a a cat purr? It is one of the most delightful, peaceful sounds. Children often smile and squeal when they hear it.

Cuddle Time



A cat loves to be pet, held, and cuddled. Plus, they are extremely loyal. Give them a bit of attention, and you’ll get a lot of love in return.

Litter-Box Trained



Most cats are litter-box trained. You won’t have to walk them on cold, rainy days. They do prefer doing their business in a clean box, which for sure makes them a low maintenance pet.

Alone Time



You can leave your cat at  home alone for a few hours, since they don’t need to be walked. However, they do need attention, love, and care. If you’re going away for the weekend or longer, it’s important to hire a pet sitter.

Easy Care



They don’t require bathing. They are meticulous about grooming themselves. If you have a long-haired cat, daily brushing is essential.

Cats Are Content



A cat does not require constant attention. They are happy just being near you. They love to be pet, brushed, and fed. Yet you won’t have to dote on them all day but do not forget to make sure they know that you adore them!

Cats Are Trainable



You can teach your cat to come when called, to not scratch the furniture, and to retrieve a toy. Just like clicker training with dogs, you can teach cats with a clicker. It’s a good idea to purchase a cat training video or book that you can watch or read together as a family before you get your cat.

Consider Two Cats



If you have an active lifestyle, work long hours, or have the kids in after-school programs, then two cats are better than one. They easily entertain each other. You will still have to devote time to caring, playing, feeding, and brushing them.